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Academic and Career Counseling Assessment

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Academic counseling and career assessments are designed to help people gauge their abilities, values, interests and skills while planning and putting their goals into action. These assessments will illuminate your educational and career goals by helping you to learn about yourself and provide you with career information.

There are a number of academic career assessment programs to assist you in making a career change, planning a career, or choosing a college major. Career assessment programs can help to improve your educational achievement and preparation for postsecondary education, while providing information to make a career choice that fits you individually.

Academic assessments will improve your career awareness, prepare you for employment, provide you with career information, help you to identify your educational needs, and give you the information necessary to apply your personal skills toward achieving your goals.

Academic counselors are trained to provide individuals with information regarding career decisions, career assessments, and career planning and services. Academic counselors can assist students with career exploration, setting educational goals, finding employment, and managing their career.

When selecting an educational program it is a good idea to request more information about academic counseling and career assessments from the institution you plan to attend. Listed below are links to sites that can provide you with more information regarding academic counseling and career assessment.

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Online Career Counseling from
Link To Career Counseling
U.S. Department of Labor

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