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Characteristics of Game Art and Design Professionals

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Prospective game art and design professionals have a number of careers to choose from if they possess the right characteristics and skills. Personal traits can be combined with the knowledge and skillfulness you obtain through training. Educational training can be completed at an associate or bachelor degree level. Completion of a training program will require two or four years of study and can focus on programming, testing, designing, and troubleshooting of game software. Professional game and art design training can help you succeed in your desired career if you have a certain persona and specialized knowledge.

As a game art and design professional you will need to have certain characteristics that are beneficial if you wish to succeed in the field. In this area you will use your artistic talent to create characters, 3D models, and computer designs that can be used for careers in programming, gameplay testing, and animation. To pursue a career in game art and design, you need to have:
  • creativity
  • logic
  • good communication
  • teamwork skills
  • passion
  • dedication
Training for certain skills will be completed at the undergraduate degree level. This will help you develop the artistic talents that are needed in combination with your individual characteristics and traits. By completing coursework you can pursue a career working in television, gaming, film, education, and architecture.

Professions that can be entered by if you have the right characteristics include interactivity designer, 3D character builder, programmer, and 2D conceptual artist. With a personality such as INTP (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving), ISTP (Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving), or ESTP; meaning Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving, you can pursue a successful career. These types of personalities are beneficial to careers in game art and design.

Pursuing a quality education and career in game art and design can be done if you have an interested in becoming an artist, artificial intelligence programmer, or game designer. In this field you need to have certain qualities and characteristics to become successful. If you are innovative, creative, flexible, a multitasker, detail oriented, and self motivated, you can make a successful professional. Training for entrance into a career in this field will require that you obtain an accredited degree at the associate or bachelor degree level. By obtaining an accredited education you can prepare for professional employment.

There are various accredited colleges and schools that offer game art and design degree programs in order for you to obtain the career training you need to enter a successful profession. By utilizing your personal characteristics and the knowledge you obtain by receiving an education, you can pursue a variety of careers. To learn more about career training options and the necessary qualities, contact a qualified learning program and ask for more information.

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