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Characteristics of Travel and Tourism Professionals

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Travel and tourism professionals work in a variety of specialized areas of the field. Specific areas can include travel, tourism, and hospitality. In order to enter into a specific area, you must possess characteristics and traits that are beneficial to your desired career. You may also need to obtain educational training in order to gain skills that will help you succeed. Training can be completed at different levels and will depend on the desired profession. The qualities that you possess will help you choose the travel and tourism career that is right for you.

Entrance into a professional career in the field of travel and tourism can be done if you have certain characteristics and traits that are beneficial. Qualities that you possess can help you obtain the career you long for. If you are:
  • outgoing
  • a good communicator
  • friendly
  • methodical
  • a team player can make a successful travel and tourism professional. You will also need to have strong sales skills, be able to connect with others, be enthusiastic, have good time management skills, and be a problem solver. Having beneficial qualities that can be contributed to your career will help you pursue professional employment.

In order to seek employment there are certain levels of training that must be completed depending on the career that you desire. Associate degrees are available by completing two years of training. Bachelor degrees require four years of accredited study and training, and master degrees can be obtained after six years of higher education. Once you complete the coursework provided by an accredited degree program you will be ready to enter into employment if you have the right personality. Having a personality type like ENFJ (Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging) can help you succeed in the field.

Professional careers that can be entered in the field of travel and tourism include tourism manager, travel coordinator, travel agent, travel clerk, cruise sales manager, and reservationist. You can choose the career you desire and prepare for entrance into the workforce if you have a beneficial personality. This will help you enter into successful positions in the field. Your personal qualities and traits will also help you pursue the successful future and career you long for.

Providing travel and tourism information to others and planning trips and vacations are the two main jobs of travel and tourism professionals. Obtaining the education needed to pursue careers in this field can be done through an accredited school or college that offers travel and tourism degree programs. By completing quality studies and training, you will be able to use your learned skills and personal characteristics in order to be successful.

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