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Beneficial Characteristics of Computer Animators

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Computer animation is a career field that provides the opportunity for you to pursue a career in web design, computer gaming, entertainment, advertising, and commercial industries. If you have certain characteristics and traits you can provide animation services for a variety of purposes. Professional animators, web designers, and multimedia specialists work with computer generated imagery, digital design, and video production to create images used for video games, movies, and other forms of media. By utilizing your personal characteristics and the skills you learn, you can enter into a successful career as a professional computer animator.

Certain traits and characteristics can help you pursue a career as a 3D animator, storyboard artist, game designer, digital artist, CAD animator, layout artist, or effects animator. If you are looking to pursue these types of careers you will need to be:
  • flexible
  • artistic
  • a team player
  • a good communicator
  • a multi-tasker
These characteristics will be beneficial to a career in this field because they allow you to work in fast or slow paced environments and meet timely deadlines while producing quality projects. You will need to have knowledge of media design, cartooning, the foundations of design, and computer generated imagery, which can be combined with your traits and characteristics to produce quality work.

Computer animation professionals are typically outgoing, energetic, creative, detail oriented and self motivated. Becoming a successful professional in the field of computer animation requires that you obtain certain skills and knowledge that can be combined with your traits. If you wish to pursue a career in computer animation, you can do so by obtaining a higher education. Having a personality like ISTJ (Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging), ISTP (Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving), ESTP (Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving), or INTJ (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging) can also help you succeed in your desired career.

By using various forms of software, computer animation professionals design images, effects, and models, that can be used to create a variety of visualizations such as cartoons and games. One of the main beneficial characteristics of computer animators is that they have knowledge of technology and the skills to utilize various forms of technology. Careers in this field require individuals to work with Autodesk® Softimage, Lightwave® 3D, Autodesk® Maya, and Autodesk® 3Ds, as well as other software systems. If you have the right characteristics and traits you may be able to pursue a successful career in computer animation.

With the right traits you can build websites, video games, television shows, advertisements and other forms of media, by using a variety of software programs. Pursuing a career in computer animation can be done by first obtaining an education from an accredited school or college that offers computer animation degree programs. Once this is done, you can enter into employment and advance into the successful career you dream of.

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