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Security Professionals and Your Necessary Qualities

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Homeland and information security, emergency management, and fire and emergency services are all specialized areas of the security field. Possessing the right personal qualities and skills can help you pursue a professional career in the field. Training can be completed at the associate, master, and bachelor degree levels if you have the needed characteristics. Completion of accredited training can take six, four, or two years. Possession of a degree in security can help you pursue a career in disaster relief, justice, government, national security, management, corrections, or public emergency services if you have traits that are beneficial to the field.

You can have a successful career as an emergency management or fire and emergency services professional if you have the traits and personality that are needed. Personality types beneficial to this field include ISTJ (Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging) and ESTJ (Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging). You will work to help others identify and avoid emergency situations. In order to complete your job related tasks you will need to be:
  • detail oriented
  • compassionate
  • flexible
  • patient
  • a quick thinker
These characteristics can be used with the skills you obtain through higher educational training. Coursework that is provided will depend on the level of training that is completed, but may consist of safety, security, emergency preparedness, management, research, and disasters. Once you complete the appropriate training you will be able to become an emergency management or fire and emergency services professional.

Homeland security professionals focus on protecting against terrorism and other forms of security breaches. In order for you to succeed in this career field, you will need to have certain qualities. If you have good judgment, can follow direction, and are empathetic, honest, and courageous, you can pursue a career in homeland security by obtaining proper training. Combining knowledge learned through training with your personal characteristics can help you pursue a successful career.

Careers in information security are best for you if you have an interest in technology, are motivated, intelligent, and dependable. Pursuing a professional career in this area of the field will allow you to work with various forms of technology in order to protect you and prevent information from being stolen or transferred. Coursework and training that is beneficial when used with your personal qualities can include security protocols, e-business laws, internet security protocols, computer information technology, e-commerce regulation, and software testing. Completion of training will allow you to enter the workforce prepared to use your personal traits with your newly obtained knowledge and skills.

Helping prevent emergency situations, terrorism, and security breaches are the main job duties of security professionals. Enrollment in an accredited school or college that offers security degree programs is the best way for you to pursue a professional career. Your personality can help determine the career that is best suited for you. If you have the necessary qualities you can learn more about training and career options by contacting a training program.

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