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Coaching Professionals and Your Characteristics

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Pursuing a career in coaching can be done in three main areas, which include business, personal, and life coaching. You can become a coaching professional if you have certain skills and characteristics that are beneficial to success. Possessing the necessary traits and abilities allows you to work with others who need help making important life or business related decisions. The main focus of this career is to provide a form of counseling. You can support others through a number of challenges using various forms of discipline and therapeutic methods, if you have the right qualities.

Personal coaches or life coaches are one in the same and work with others in order to help them make important decisions and realize their potential. Certain traits such as good communication, flexibility, confidentiality, honesty, and the desire to help others are all beneficial if you are looking to pursue a coaching career. You will be able to work with others who wish to increase their confidence, improve relationships, and rid negative behaviors or habits, if you have the needed traits. As a personal or life coach you can work in private homes, counseling offices, or travel to businesses or work over the phone. If you possess the right characteristics, you can pursue the career you long for by obtaining the skills necessary to seek employment.

Business, personal, and life coaches are types of coaching professional that work with you, groups, and businesses in order to help push others to achieve their goals and create successful businesses and lifestyles. Working to improve the performance of individuals and teams, coaches can help make key changes and improve the overall satisfaction of life. If you are:
  • optimistic
  • committed to excellence
  • visionary
  • a strategic thinker
  • and enjoy helping others benefit can make a successful business coach. You can combine your skills and characteristics to help others learn how to communicate effectively, problem solve, and better understand their organization and goals. Business coaches not only work to better the company but also the individual employees and financial aspects of the business.

As a professional business, personal, or life coach, you will form relationships with your clients and create a contract that states the rules, roles, and confidentiality of the meetings. Once this is done, you and your clients can begin working together to overcome various obstacles. With the right characteristics and traits you can help others balance their lives, succeed in their career, improve their finances, and make better decisions. In order for coaching to be beneficial the individual and coach need to be motivated, have good chemistry, and be committed to making the change.

As a form of counseling, professional coaching requires you to have certain characteristics and personality traits as well as specific skills. ISFJ (Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging), ESFJ (Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging), and ESFP (Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving) personalities have what it takes to pursue careers as professional coaches. Training for a career in this field will cover various topics from counseling and behavioral sciences to leadership and finances. If you have the traits and characteristics that are beneficial to this field, then a professional coaching certification may be right for you.

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