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Necessary Characteristics of Journalism Occupations

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Journalism deals with the finding and reporting of trends, events, and various topics that are relevant or interesting to media professionals and individuals. There are a variety of careers that can be entered if you possess qualities and traits beneficial to the field. Certain characteristics can help you succeed in your desired career area. Freelance writing and journalism are areas that you can choose to train in if you wish to pursue a career in the industry. Training through a higher education program can allow you to receive the skills you will need to thrive in the field.

If you wish to do so you can enter into a career in freelance writing, which involves creating various forms of literature for personal and business use. Certain qualities and characteristics can help you enter into a successful career in the industry. If you:
  • have a strong work ethic
  • are reliable
  • have tenacity
  • are organized
  • have good communication skills can be beneficial to the field of journalism by combining these traits with skills and knowledge learned through a higher education program. Training to be a freelance writer will include the study of nonfiction, literary fiction, marketing and sales, and business. These courses are available through an accredited associate or bachelor degree program to those who possess the necessary characteristics.

As a journalism professional, you can utilize your individual characteristics and traits to help you succeed in the industry. Qualities such as logical thinking, good communication, professional appearance, commitment, and punctuality are beneficial to careers in this area. Journalist, reporter, public relation specialist, and news analyst are all professions that can be entered. In addition to your traits, there are certain skills that can be obtained through training. When certain skills and traits are combined, you will able to enter into a successful journalism career.

Having a personality type such as ENFJ (Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging) and INFP (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving) can also help you pursue a successful career in journalism. These types of personalities provide various qualities that can help you obtain the future and career you long for. Having the right personality can be beneficial if you are looking to work in technical and manuscript writing, news casting, mass communications, or editorial work. Accredited programs can help you receive training that is useful when combined with your personality traits and characteristics. For additional information, you can contact schools offering accredited journalism degree programs to learn about the career that is right for you.

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