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Law Online There are a number of online law schools that provide information for individuals to study to become a lawyer and be eligible to take state bar exams. There are online law studies that are approved by the American Bar Association that can help you acquire online training regarding a traditional law degree.
Those looking to obtain a degree to act as a licensed practicing attorney may need to research online Juris Doctor Degree programs that are available. The American Bar Association only accredits campus based law schools, but a few states permit lawyers that have online degrees to request to take the state bar exam. To find out if online JD degrees will make you eligible to take the bar exam and receive a state license in order to practice law, one should check with the specific state where they reside. Depending on the type of career, specialized online law studies are available in business, health care, communications, environmental law, forensics, and more.


Business Law Online

Employment opportunities for law graduates include positions such as business consultant, corporate lawyer, corporate executive, legal executive, business administrator, and entrepreneur. Online education includes information like anti-trust and regulation, accounting for lawyers, institutional economics, bankruptcy law, contracts, community and economic development, taxation, investment law, and international business transactions. Subjects like patent law, financial institution law, intellectual property law, and securities regulation may be covered with online business law learning as well. Specialized education for law is also accessible depending on the type of online business law instruction you decide to pursue. Online instruction for a business degree program in law may also prepare you for the state bar exams, which is the final step needed before starting your career.

Civil Law Online

Civil law deals with law suits for issues like property ownership, breaches of contracts, child custody, divorce, and property damage. Online education for civil law cover a range of subject including international law, consumer law, employment law, agricultural law, tax law, animal law, sports law, defamation of character, negligence, and battery and assault. A degree in civil law typically takes four years of study and can be accomplished by taking the state bar exams.

Criminal Law Online

Online learning for criminal law includes the criminal procedures, criminal justice system, investigation, criminology, and ethics. An online education can provide you with knowledge about the criminal justice system, but you will have to take the state bar exams in order to obtain your degree. When studying online criminal law you can gain the skills necessary to become a prosecutor, defense attorney, or public defender. When receiving an online education in criminal law you may also learn about deterrence, punishment, rehabilitation and incarceration of criminals, as well as many other subjects of interest.

Entertainment Law Online

Entertainment Lawyers must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), as well as the state bar exam in order to be licensed to practice law, and earn a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. An online education will teach aspiring entertainment lawyers skills to deal with circumstances including defamation suits, writers' strikes, and contract negotiations as well as representing individuals in the television, film, publishing, music, and other forms of the entertainment industry.

Environmental Law Online

Online study of environmental sciences and an environmental law degree will teach students negotiation, mediation, and advocacy procedure focused on environmental concerns. Students that have fulfilled a master's degree program in environmental law will have the skills for a career as an environmental leader, or a lawyer for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Online learning for an education in environmental law include ocean and coastal law, natural resources, international environmental law and policy, land conservation law, conservation theory, environmental and human rights, energy law and much more.

Family Law Online

Those who wish to study family law will be required to learn all elements of the legal system. Areas of study for an online education in family law include humanities, science, legal research, law office management, dispute resolution, interviewing, contracts, ethics, legal brief writing, philosophy of law, and law and society. Online learning for family law must be accompanied by the state bar exam and one should also research online Juris Doctor Degree programs.

Health Law Online

With an online education in health law studies include transactional health law, pharmaceutical and medical device marketing and compliance, health care fraud and abuse, food and drug law, health law and policy, bioethics and law, and mental health law. A degree in health law can provide you with the opportunity for employment in government positions, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, law firms, the US Department of Health and Human Service, and the Food and Drug Administration. Students must take and pass the state bar exam in order to become licensed to practice law.

Internet Law Online

Online internet law instruction can prepare you for a career in the legal services field which will assist you in learning and developing the skills necessary for this area of study. Online learning that focuses on internet law can be an advantage to information technicians and information security technicians due to programs providing education that covers internet privacy, intellectual property rights, identity theft, computer hacking, piracy, encryption, and e-business. An online education is easy and convenient and will assist you in becoming prepared for the state bar exams.

Personal Injury Law Online

A Bachelor of Science degree in Personal Injury Law will provide you with the legal skills necessary including document supervision, preparation of litigation, research, and more. Personal injury lawyers have knowledge on subjects like brief preparation, negligence discovery, damage presentation, and case law analysis. An online education will allow you to learn about liability, investigation, and pre-litigation protocols, instruction of expert witnesses, and tactics and negotiations. As with many other online law education opportunities one must prepare for and pass the state bar exam in order to obtain a degree.

Real Estate Law Online

Real estate lawyers supply their customers with advice concerning financing and development, investments, the purchase and sale of property, property management construction contracts, and environmental compliance. An online education will teach you transactions and finance, mortgage foreclosures, mezzanine loans, mortgages, leasing, bond financing, acquisitions, and community association law. You can become a real estate professional with an online education, and the passing of your state bar exam.

Tax Law Online

Lawyers that have a concentration in tax law are specialist in estate tax law, IRS tax law, employment tax law, and corporate and partnership tax law. An online education will teach you information on statutes of limitations, refund claims, administrative appeals, tax crimes, tax court procedure, and collection matters. Training in tax law should be taken prior to completing the Juris Doctor or taking the bar exam and can aid you in receiving a degree in government and accounting.


Most states do not identify online law degrees and may only license attorneys that have an education from a law school that is approved by the American Bar Association. The ABA accredits some online law schools that offer online undergraduate training. You may find online schools and colleges that have accreditation from official organizations in providing online training for business law, and other legal fields. Individual state bar exam laws may vary depending on the state, and verification of a programs accreditation is essential.


Explore as many schools and colleges as possible to learn more about a career in law. Contact several educational programs and request more information pertaining to your specific career goals.

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For a List of the BEST Schools That Fit Your Needs, Select a Program and Zip Now!

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