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Automotive and Diesel Accredited vocational schools offer a variety of career options for those looking to obtain a degree in the automotive and diesel industry. Students can train to be an auto body technician, automotive diesel mechanic, automotive service manager, service technician, motorcycle mechanic, NASCAR technician, and more.

Coursework will depend on the certificate program or degree desired, but may include training in welding, refinishing, brakes, suspension, steering, transmissions, math, physics, climate control, computerized fuel injection, drive systems, and more. With some of the top automotive and diesel programs listed on you can find more information and prepare for an exciting new career.


Auto Body

Auto body workers are trained to repair damages done to automotives such as cars, trucks, buses, and other automobiles. With a degree or certificate in auto body repair you will be trained for employment in auto body shops, manufacturers, vehicle dealerships, trucking companies, and more working as an auto body technician. Accredited vocational schools allow students to study electronics, math, welding, refinishing, body painting, surface preparation, and much more.

Automotive Service Management

Accredited vocational schools are available to allow students to study automotive service management in order to become an Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM). Many automotive service programs teach students about brakes, suspension, steering, electrical systems, engines, transmissions, drive trains, and other automotive service courses. With a degree in the automotive field you can work as a business manager, business owner, or service writer ordering parts, dealing with insurance claims, preparing invoices, and more.

Automotive Service Technician

Automotive service technicians maintain, repair, test, and inspect vehicles that run off of electricity, gasoline, and other types of fuel. With an accredited education as an automotive service technician you can find employment with dealerships, maintenance shops, auto part and tire stores, local, state, and federal government agencies, and much more. Courses provide training in automotive repair, computers, electronics, English, math, customer service, and other skills needed to obtain a certificate of completion.

Diesel Mechanic

Diesel mechanics are responsible for maintaining and repairing a variety of diesel powered automotives such as buses, cranes, tractor trailers, heavy equipment, and more. Coursework consists of electronics, automotive repair, math, physics, brakes and transmissions, and other diesel related skills. As a diesel mechanic or diesel service technician you will be trained to work in automotive repair shops, maintenance facilities, bus lines, trucking companies, and more. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) offers certifications to students who complete the necessary training.

Motorcycle Mechanic

As a professional motorcycle mechanic you will have the skills to service and repair motorized vehicles like dirt bikes, motorcycles, mopeds, and other lightweight transportation. By attending a fully accredited vocational program you can train to work for motorcycle dealerships, garages, repair shops, garages, or even for yourself. Courses offered for those looking to obtain a career as a motorcycle mechanic may include motorcycle electrical systems, fuel systems, drive systems, and engines, as well as welding, math, and more.


Accredited NASCAR training programs allow students to obtain an education in automotive technology that is specific to The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. This type of education will provide you with knowledge and skills in diagnosing, troubleshooting, repairing, and servicing foreign and domestic cars. Courses will teach you about engine systems, climate control, electronics, transmissions, power trains, computerized fuel injection, and more. If you have an interest in race cars and would like to become an automotive technician or mechanic then an accredited NASCAR training program may be right for you.


Accredited schools and colleges obtain full accreditation from agencies like the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT). When looking to enroll in an educational program it is important that you make sure they carry full accreditation from one or more agencies, to ensure that you will receive the best quality education possible.


Select a program from the menu above to learn more about receiving an education from top schools in the automotive and diesel industry. By contacting several educational programs you can obtain the information necessary to start earning the degree or certificate you desire.

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For a List of the BEST Schools That Fit Your Needs, Select a Program and Zip Now!

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